Sanofi K30

Sanofi K30 project pipework

HEES recently completed a project with Sanofi to support COVID-19 vaccine trials and production. Multi-disciplinary companies were selected to collaborate with fast-track design and construction by reviewing the existing facility and conducting changes to critical parts of cutting-edge process equipment, involving, Reactors, Spray Dryer, Clean in Place, Powder Transfer, Purified Water, dissolution, pumped, Acid/caustic and new filtration systems.

HEES scope covered the mechanical, process and EC&I, working with Sanofi engineers and process designers to ensure the systems were built to current standards with documentation for validation processes. Our biggest challenge was integrating the new piping and electrical routes with framework for supporting in line equipment in limited space, designed to account for various product processes which gave versatility and flexibility for fast equipment changeover to run alternative future campaigns.