HEES has carried out a wide variety of specialist mechanical and electrical engineering projects over many years.

Here you’ll find a selection of our projects as examples of the work we undertake and the professional nature of our services.

GW Pharmaceuticals process engineering

GW Pharmaceuticals

HEES have been contracted to complete mechanical and electrical services for the new expansion facility at GW Pharma.

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Blood Fractionation

Blood Fractionation

HEES have successfully completed a blood fractionation project for BPL Therapeutics in Elstree, United Kingdom.

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Mammalian Cell Culture Installation

Mammalian Cell Culture

HEES have successfully completed the Process pipework contract for a new £30 million Mammalian Cell Culture Facility.

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Membrane Contactor Installation

Degasser Pipework Membrane Contactor

HEES completes the installation of Membrane Contactors on a Purified Water Generation System for CO2 removal.

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Pipe bridge with high integrity pipelines at Vale (Europe) Limited

Pipe Bridge and High Integrity Pipelines

HEES have recently designed and installed 19 PTFE lined carbon steel pipelines together with an 8m tall support structure.

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AHU power and control system upgrades

AHU Power and Controls Upgrades

Over the last 24 months, HEES have carried out multiple AHU Power and controls upgrades, for a Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants Process Area AHUs.

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UPS cabling installation

800amp UPS System Installation

HEES complete the installation of equipment and cabling for a new 800amp Critical Systems UPS system within tight shutdown program.

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Cooling water loop installation

Completed On Time & To Budget

HEES, as main contractor, designed, installed and commissioned one of the largest cooling water loops at a premier Biotech site in the UK.

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Protein pasteurisation upgrade

Upgrade of Protein Pasteurisation

Automation of process control valves to 3 pasteurisation tanks, including the installation of cabling and pneumatics pipework.

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Cooling water distribution upgrade

Cooling Water Distribution Upgrade

The biotech production facility utilizes cooling water to support utilities, production and 8 freeze dryers from 4 cooling towers.

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Managing WFI quality with SCADA

WFI gets the SCADA Treatment

Control system packages for distribution with SCADA, a valuable tool for managing water quality and guiding preventative maintainenace schedules.

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Vessel room upgrade

Vessel Room Upgrade

Vessel Cooling jacket upgrades and blanketing modifications add to process flexibility.

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